The iSHINE Assessment For Classes 8-10

Career counselling for students to discover their ideal stream and subjects.

Choose The Right Stream

Science, Commerce, Arts? Which education stream is your perfect fit? Which subjects will you enjoy? Which course and career will they prepare you for? Use the iSHINE Assessment to get educational career guidance and counselling for students, and find out what will bring out the best in you.

How it Works

1. Take the iSHINE Assessment.

Created by experts, this set of questions will help you understand yourself and your main interests better.

Online Assessment

2. Book the Career Counselling Session.

Our Career Counsellors will explain your Career Report to you and your parents, and help you choose your top three careers.

Book a Session
The sooner you know which stream to take up after Class 10, the more time you will have to prepare for it. Get education & career guidance in Class 8-9 so that you can enter Class 10 with complete clarity on your future path and focus better on the upcoming board exams. If you have to sign up for coaching classes for competitive entrance exams, this gives you more time to prepare and find the right coaching for you.
An aptitude test measures only the specific ability of a person to perform in a particular career. To put it simply, it tells you what you can do, but doesn’t consider much else. A psychometric assessment, on the other hand, analyses your interests to suggest the ideal career path for you. If you’re looking for career guidance for Class 8-9 students, a psychometric test would be ideal for you.
The iSHINE Assessment is a comprehensive psychometric assessment that tests your core interests, if you’re in Class 8-9. It helps you understand yourself, your interests, and the ideal career paths best suited for you. iSHINE’s psychometric assessment is specially created for Indian millennials and is based on 21st-century careers. It has been created by a specialised team of psychometricians and psychologists and is the most reliable career assessment in the country.
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