The iSHINE Assessment For College Graduates

Career counselling for college students to begin their career journey on the right note.

Career Counselling And Guidance For College Students

Which specialisation/elective should you choose? Which placement opportunities should you prepare for? Which master’s programme should you enrol for? What job roles to apply for? Mentoria’s four-step career guidance solution for college students helps you answer these questions and finalise your plans after college.
Details of Assesment:

Assesment Factor Theories Elective Subjects/Group Comprehensive Counseling Execution Plan

Don’t let your results decide your future. Invest in the iSHINE Solution to discover who you are and which career path you’re meant to follow.

How it Works

1. Take the iSHINE Assessment.

Created by experts, this set of questions will help you understand yourself and your main interests better.

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2. Book the Career Counselling Session.

Our Career Counsellors will explain your Career Report to you and your parents, and help you choose your top three careers.

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Over half of India’s corporate sector is unhappy with the jobs they are pursuing. You’ll graduate soon and enter this working world - are you 100% sure that your chosen path will save you from joining this statistic? For some of you, internships will also be a part and parcel of your course - are you clear about which internships you should take up? By the time you get to your final year, you may have to choose a specialisation - are you confident about the elective you’re going to opt for? When it’s time for placements, you’ll have companies from different sectors coming to your college for recruitment - are you sure you know which sector you’d like to work in and therefore which placement drives to sign up for? Career guidance helps you plan your career journey by answering all of these questions, and ensures that your next steps actually lead you to a happier life in the right career.
Aptitude tests were never created for career guidance - they measure a specific skill-set or abilities to understand how good you are in that skill-set. But it doesn’t consider your interests. Let’s say you were good at a particular subject - like Maths - but didn’t have an inherent interest in it. An aptitude test would tell you to pursue a career involving maths. And without a deep-rooted interest in it, you’re likely to find it difficult, boring or even challenging after a few years. On the other hand, if you’re truly interested in a particular subject but not very good at it, your interest will motivate you to learn and get better at it. A psychometric assessment analyses your interests to suggest suitable options for you. Our counsellor then matches your interest areas with your existing skills and experience to recommend the right career options for you. Once you have completed your counselling session, we also handhold you until you get into your chosen paths by sharing detailed information on your chosen careers, webinars by experts from your chosen industry, and access to a special helpline where you can email any career-related doubts you have.
The iSHINE Assessment is a comprehensive psychometric assessment that tests your core interests, if you’re in Class 8-9. It helps you understand yourself, your interests, and the ideal career paths best suited for you. iSHINE’s psychometric assessment is specially created for Indian millennials and is based on 21st-century careers. It has been created by a specialised team of psychometricians and psychologists and is the most reliable career assessment in the country.
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