Basic Accounting and Management Accounting Class for Beginners

Recorded Classes with live doubts clearing
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-          Students will be able to understand the basic rules to understand the accounts

-          Learn to evaluate the value and growth of the enterprises and companies

-          You will understand the basic golden rules to maintain the accounts books.

The management accounting will help to understand the future value of the investment made by the company.



I am an experienced in accounting with a master’s degree in commerce from the University of Lucknow and UGC NET qualified in commerce.


Accounting expertise:

I have experience in accounts and investments. I can help with-

-          Managing accountancy books

-          To identify areas of investment

-          To provide a strategy to make better Management Information System

-          To add value and growth to the investment


I like to keep things precise and simple embedded with many other principles of keeping accountancy:

1.      The best way to keep accounts

2.      The best way to handle the investments

3.      Solutions being offered

4.      Business and enterprises journey


5.      The right marketing decision at the right time


Rs. 1999/-