Product Design & Development

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This course plan concerns to impart the knowledge required to develop a new product – understand the opportunity, collect the requirements, develop specifications, generate, evaluate and select a promising concept.


After the successful completion of this course, students shall be able to understand and implement the various processes, tools and techniques required for designing a product: product specification development; concept generation, concept selection, concept testing and embodiment; product architecture; industrial design; design for X; environmental, economic and social issues in product development; patents and intellectual properties.

Throughout the program emphasis will be on applications, using real examples from the areas mentioned above, and test the acquired skills.

Nijagunayya S Soppihiremath

Educational Qualifications;

M.Tech Dig.Mfg, B.Tech-Mech Engg, DME, DCAD, EXIM-IIFT, PGDBA.

Summary of Skills and Experience:

·        Over 23+ years of experience in Industry type; or segments of; Auto ancillaries, Machine Tools, Automotive, Locomotive, Power Generation, Industrial Products, Sheet metal components & Building Materials (Bath Accessories, Shower Hinges and Faucet segments).

·        Functional Area; Mfg Engg / CAPEX / Machine Design / Process Design & Development / Automation / E&C /VD / New Plant Establishment & Merging / Greenfield & Brown field Projects/ IMPEX / BD / Thermal System Design Review / DVPR / NPD / PLM / OPEX / Operational Excellence / SCM / Lean Consultant / Plant Head / PQCDSM / B2B / PMP / Digital Mfg / IIoT / Ai / Industry 4.0 / Additive Mfg / Robotics / Ansys / Cura / Fusion 360 / 3D Printing / Cyber Security in Mfg / Kali Linux / Matlab / Big Data Analytics in Mfg / Hadoop / SQL.

Abroad business visits; Japan, South Korea, China, Poland, Netherlands, Germany, USA.

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