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HTML, CSS and Client Side Scripting 

Introduction to Web Architecture and Web protocols (HTTP Request Response Formats, URLs), Basic Mark-ups & syntax, HTML elements & attributes, Web Form, HTML5 (New Tags, Inputs, Elements and Controls), CSS3.0 - Styles and Style sheets, Selectors, Style properties, Box Model, JavaScript Basics(variables, scope), JavaScript objects.- 12 Hours 

HTML5, JQuery and Ajax

DOM Manipulations, Events and Event Handling in JavaScript, HTML5 (APIs), JQuery Introduction, Callbacks and Promises, Introduction to Single Page Application, XML Vs JSON, Asynchronous Communication using AJAX and fetch API.- 12 Hours


MERN Introduction, React Classes and Components, JSX, Rendering of elements, Properties, State, Context, Component lifecycle methods, Refs & Keys, Event Handling, Stateless components. -10 Hours 

MongoDB and NodeJS

Understanding Node JS Architecture, Set up Node JS app, Node Modules, call-backs, buffers, streams, File system Module, HTTP Module, Handling HTTP Requests, MongoDB-Documents, Collections, Reading and Writing to MongoDB, MongoDB NodeJS Driver, Running a react application on NodeJS, React Router. - 12 Hours



Introduction to Web services and REST API’s , Express Framework Overview, Routing and URL building, Error Handling, Express Middleware, Form Data and File Upload.- 10 Hours 

Tutor is well experienced with hands-on experience in web Technology and full-stack web development both frontend and backend. This course covers all concepts needed to become a full-stack web engineer and is worth taking up the course at any age level because covers all concepts from basics. gives the skills and knowledge for anyone seeking a career in Web technology.


Rs. 1999/-