What comes after B.Tech: further studies.

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The student will learn 

The assessment phase: 

    • the method by which he/she can see if he is suitable for further studies. 

    • He/she will learn to dispassionately assess himself/herself. 

    • Decision to study further, and in which area. 

    • He/she should look at his strengths and weakness financially, 

  • The Search phase:

    • identify the geography where he/she should focus on and determine conversion rates. 

    • Localize the area of study further, 

    • how to locate various universities, 

    • how to estimate the necessary finances,

  • The Application phase: 

    • how to apply,

    • An Xls that would track each and every aspect of application 

    • The choice.

  • The Final Phase

    • and finally, once selected how to study there.

Ramesh Kandadai – B.Tech IIT Kharagpur – MSAE – MSME – Phd.

Have been guiding students since 1980. Have guided students in and to India, Europe, USA

In some cases, up to MS but in most up to Phd.

Have been a visiting faculty in universities in US and India since 1978.

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