Cyber Crime and Cyber Law

Various Cyber Crimes and Cyber Law related to them as per Indian Legislation.
1 Week Live Classes
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Delivery of basic knowledge of several Cyber Attacks with real life example and their impact on Mental Health and on their daily life activities as well. We suggest basic measures which is to be taken to prevent such Cyber Attacks and put you on the path of Cyber Hygiene.

Who can benefit:

1) Everyone irrespective of age and gender.
2) Students, Kids and Senior Citizens as well.
3) Youngsters and Kids who had faced nay of the Cyber Crime in their daily life.

What to expect at the end of the course:

1) Increased awareness of the common Cyber Crimes and Cyber Laws according to the IT Act 2000.
2) Improved Cyber Hygiene and ability to communicate about their problems related to the Cyber Crime.
3) Basic Measures which need to be taken to maintain Cyber Hygiene.

What not to expect:

1) Any technical part related to the Cyber Crime.
2) And how can someone do a Cyber Attack, the technicalities.


1) Recordings and activity based.
2) Measures which need to take to prevent a Cyber Attack.
3) Cyber Laws and Punishments in the Indian Legislation on such Cyber Crime.
4) Home exercises (to search about various case studies)
5) Access to the session recordings.
Meghna Shakya
Pursuing Btech (CSE)+LLB Hons with specialization in Cyber Law and had interned in GPCSSI 2021.
Rs. 2999/-