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Genetic engineering is the study of genes and the science of heredity. Genetic engineers or geneticists study living organisms ranging from human being to crops and even bacteria. These professionals also conduct researches which is a major part of their work profile.Genetic engineering has made it possible to produce more crops by making plants resistant to diseases, increasing growth rates and modifying plants so that they can grow in less suitable habitats. Genetic engineering is quite popular as it can have various medical utilities and can help cure various problems in humans as well as other species. There is a lot of scope in this field for aspirants who want to foray into genealogy research.Genetic engineering helps engineers to study the behaviour of the DNA and gene in the body using artificial methods. Engineers perform various activities such as extracting DNA from organisms, studying changes in the structure and putting it back into the organism, or into another organism.

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Soumya Shah

He is currently research professional in Aganitha & has won various competitions at national summit of biotechnology. With that he is also preparing for various other exams such as CSIR-NET & GRE for his master degree. He has worked with different biotech companies of India such as Cipla and Biolim as a research intern. Apart from that he is also enrolled as an human resource intern with Aashman Foundation. He is seasoned educator, content writer, product thinker, & graphic designer. His motive is to provide as much knowledge he gained till date to provide to maximum people.

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